Seungjin Lee

Born. 1988

New York based artist and organizer of DigiAna Group. Seungjin Lee uses multi-sensory digital and analog media to create works that focus on augmented reality and the cultural intersections between human-felt experience and a virtually-impelled world. Lee was born in South Korea, spent his formative years following his parents as they repeatedly moved between Japan and South Korea, and received his BFA from Tama Art University Japan. Academically minded, Lee’s parents exposed him to the traditional arts of Korea and Japan as well as to literature and music (the analog). While constant change in culture, location, education systems, urban landscape, and language provided Lee with a wealth of information to consume and to learn from, it also left him confused and conflicted and without a sense of national or cultural identity. As Lee grew older he became more introspective and focused on developing a sense of identity to help him make sense of his globalized existence, and with freely available digital media he began his journey. Television, the Internet, Western pop and consumer culture (the digital) became his world and his teachers through his teenage years and early twenties. Lee emerged from his dive into the digital realm with a clearer identity, yet with many conflicts remaining. With amazement at the amount of information he could consume and the things he could learn about cultures from around the world for free, at the same time he felt disillusioned. Western consumerism, capitalism and politics intrigued, yet frustrated Lee – and that was the driving force that led him to relocate to New York to further ponder and explore this changing relationship of analog vs digital.


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