RGP: Regenerated painting” is  Seungjin Lee’s paint series trying to mix digital pixelated images with physical natural phenomena. Use dropping paint skill, each drop weight is already decided by natural programmatic rule, final result of paint seems flouring life shape cells on digitized background world with merging together but also defining differences existence each, nowadays ourselves portrait in daily digitized update world. Contemplates the evolving nature of information and perception in the digital age, drawing parallels with the alteration and persistence of imagery online.

9ft x 5ft, 2024, Acrylic paint on billboard print


Heaven_RG Painting
2024, 5ft x 7ft, Acrylic paint on billboard print


2023, 20″x16″, Acrylic paint on printed canvas



MG Paint
2023, 12″ x 12″
Acrylic paint on digital printed canvas